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1974 Oldsmobile W-30 Hurst, Pace Car
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1974 Hurst/Olds W-30 (2-door)
White / Gold Trim
Bucket Seats, Console, Floor Shift
Original 455 Big Block has been Modified & is Plenty Stout!
Engine was Professionally Rebuilt approximately 5,000 miles ago
It has Big Valves & was bored & ported & pushes 450 - 500 HP
The Camshaft was designed by "Mondella" (Race Car Driver & Mechanic)
The "Mondella" Roller Cam Cost was $3,000.00

3-Speed Turbo 400 Automatic, Disc Brakes
Close Ratio Gears
3500 Stall, 411 Gears
This car has been designed to Perform.
Aluminum Dominator Manifold, Headers
The car came with an 850 Quad Carb
It needs a little bigger Carb to perform to its' designed capability.

The Olds has not been driven much for some time now, so she will need some TLC.
Was tagged & inspected little over a year ago.
The pictures were taken a few years back.
Since that time, the car is showing age & some rust has appeared near the back glass
(This quite often happens around chrome & on Vinyl Top Cars)
Other than the modifications for performance, you are looking at an Original Hurst W-30.
Wheels are still Original
Interior is Still Original
Paint is Original

This 37 year old Classic Muscle Car is Most Worthy of some TLC
Pretty Rare Find!

Info: (Hurst/Olds)Olds first teamed with Hurst to lead the pace in 1972.
And then again in 1974.
Then a Special model of the Hurst/Olds Cutlass Coupe Pace Car became available to individuals at the Olds Dealerships nationwide.
A car that not only looks like a Pace Car, but is equipped like one.
With things like an Olds Rallye Suspension
High-Performance 455 Cubic inch engine with Dual Exhaust
A Hurst Dual/Gate Shifter
High-Performance transmission
And Super Stock III 15 inch wheels. All Standard Equipment! Wow!
(The 15" wheels were rare!)

In addition, the customer could order such things as a Hurst Digital Tach, Hurst Loc/Lugs, Color -Keyed Mud Guards, and a Hurst Auto Security Alarm System.

Hurst/Olds really did set the Pace again!
The Street-Legal Version of the 1974 Hurst/Olds led approximately 33 cars to the Green Flag at the Indy!

The car we are offering for sell is a "One Owner" & is a Nice Collectable Piece.
I first saw it a couple of years ago & I believe it is the only one I have ever raised the hood on.
It is worthy of Restoration.... Don't miss out!June 10, 2011.

The Vin # tells you it is a real W-30 car, plus I personally know the owner, who bought it new.
It was mainly a week-end car most of its life & always in this area. Was garage kept until 2-3 years ago when it got pushed out of the garage & a Corvette rolled in.

The car has weathered over the last year, due to the Vinyl top typical issues
The car is here now at our location
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